Tricks in the Sticks

Experience advanced riding Skills
in an action packed, fun filled day
you won’t forget!



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Steve Thompson reviewed Tricks In The Sticks - 5 star - 10th April 2017

"The best fun on two wheels ever! Great instruction, massive confidence building and so much learnt! A must for any rider"



Quotes taken from Feb 2007 issue of TBM

Issue 138, 'How's Tricks?' feature 

'The idea behind Tricks in the Sticks is more than just original thinking, the concept makes a helluva' lot of sense... Because when it comes to learning stunts, the last thing you need is a heavy powerful machine making you pay for your mistakes. Nope. What you really want is an agile little lightweight bike with plenty of torque, low gearing and precise controls. And one which doesn't hurt when it lands on you. A trials bike fits the bill perfectly.'
'To say we [TBM] had a great time would be something of an understatement. Jason put on a truly fun day's riding and by adding a few new tricks to our 'repertoires' we're now a confirmed bunch of stuntaholics'

'Everybody loves a good wheelie. It's the universal sign of a skillful rider, and on a trials bike is fairly easy to perfect'
'Jason's very much from the laid-back school of teaching. There's no orders being barked at you, so once you're all sorted with teas and coffees he sets you loose on the bikes to get a feel for them'
'All bikes are well maintained and there's one bike per rider which you get to keep all day long'

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'pictures courtesy of TBM'